Sunny Coco

I still owe my blog today’s recipe because of yesterday’s raincheck. It had to be another drink’s recipe because I had free Monin sirup samples delivered today.

I made up my own recipe and mixed myself a Sunny Coco. It contains:
– the juice of 1 lime
– 25 cl Monin coconut sirup
– 2 dl orange juice
– 4 cl lemon vodka
and if you like your drinks frozen as I do blend all the above with ice cubes.






Tequila Sundown

I had planned to make bavarian plum dumplings today. But then my son came home from day care with head lice and I was busy dealing with that.
When the crisis was dealt with I did not have the nerve to make dumplings. I made myself a Tequila Sundown instead. Sundown because I substituted the grenadine sirup with blackcurrant sirup which gave it a darker colour.
In a long stemmed gIass I poured:
– the juice of half a lime,
– 3 cl Tequila, and
– 2 dl orange juice.
Then I put in ice cubes and poured blackcurrant sirup on top which sank to the bottom of the glass and started to colour the boozy orange juice.




A slurpy delight!

Prawns on cucumber

I had lunch and cake at my grandparent’s place today. This inevitably means that I had to cook a very light dinner.
I went for a fish recipe I cut out of a German magazine called “Welt der Frau” which means “Women’s World”. It is an awful magazine that I come by through my grandmother or aunt.
The recipe is for oven baked salmon in a lime, chili and cognac sauce. Instead of salmon I used prawns. The recipe is very simple: marinate the prawns in lime juice, sesame oil, chili powder, pepper and salt and leave them in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Put the prawns and marinade in tin foil making a little parcel. Then put some diced deseeded cucumber on top and add a little cognac to the parcel.


Now I baked/steamed it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 150 degrees. You have to check on the prawns repeatedly to prevent them from overcooking. Mine turned out very well indeed and the cucumber turned out to be the surprise hit. It was still crunchy but hot and added a really fresh summery taste.


Lime & Vodka Mustard

I have really started enjoying making preserves and sauce to stock my fridge with. Today I adapted a recipe from my Good Food from
Ireland cookbook. The recipe is for Irish Whiskey Mustard. Since I am left with a big bag of limes I turned it into a lime and vodka mustard.
I soaked 80g mustard seeds in 5ml vodka and the juice of two limes for the day.



When I got home from work, I put the soaked seeds in a blender, added pepper, salt, a dash of vinegar, some olive oil and blitzed it all together.



It turned out perfectly. Fairly hot but with a limey zing and a hint of alcohol. It will probably work best with a strong tasting piece of meat.

And when I go and buy a nice slice of beef I’ll have to remind myself to buy some nice labels for future jars. This just looks too amateurish!

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