The Monkey Gland

Today was again a day for a drink. Because I had 2 kilos of fresh oranges cramping my tiny kitchen I chose to make some Monkey Glands. The Monkey Gland is an age old recipe invented in the 1920s in Harry’s Bar in Paris. At least that’s what Wikipedia says. It is made of 1 part gin, 1 part orange juice and a dash of grenadine and absinthe each. It allegedly is named after a surgical technique of grafting monkey testicle tissue into humans (?). Sounds grose, but the drink is lovely and refrrshing.





The Botanist

My obsession with gin continues and today I bought a bottle of The Botanist, the gin made on Islay by the Bruichladdich distillery.
I made a lavender G & T inspired by another food blog The Kitchn.
I mixed the juice of 1/2 lime with a generous dash of lavender sirup and 4cl gin, added ice cubes and topped it up with Tonic water.



Aaaah, wonderful!


Belmont Sherbet

I know it’s a bit cheap to post another drink’s recipe but it is well within the rules. And the drink’s delicious!
The recipe is from an Austrian website
They call it Belmont and use raspberry sirup. I used raspberry sorbet and therefore adjusted the name to Belmont Sherbet.
Blend 4cl cream, 4cl Gin, 1 teaspoon confectioners sugar and 2 tablespoons raspberry sorbet.

I didn’t have any fresh raspberries so I used redcurrants as a garnish and added a little blob of cream as well.


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