Yoga Monday

I briefly thought about doing a juice detox. Biotta Juice Week is a very popular juice fast in Switzerland. I also own a book called The Holford 9 day liver detox. The only problem with these programs is that I could murder and kill anything near me two days into a fast. Also, it would make for a series of very whiny blogposts. I’ve been going to yoga classes on Mondays for a couple of weeks now. Thus, I thought I’d make Monday my juicy day of the week and stick to healthy liquids for breakfast.
This morning I opted for a celery, cucumber apple juice with Twinings Cleanse Tea. I don’t have a juicer so I blended the veggies and fruit with the tea.




A lovely mix of green colours:


It tastes okay. I am off to my yoga class now and I am already looking forward to lunch!


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