Sarnies for the road

I overslept this morning and was very pressed to make some sarnies for today’s road trip. I already sorted out my recipes yesterday. They are from hand outs by Betty Bossi, I once did an afternoon tea cooking class with them.
I opted for the classic cucumber and a Harry’s Bar anchovies and egg sandwich.
The cucumber sandwich is made with cream cheese, cucumbers and dill.



The Harry’s Bar sarnie is made with egg, mayo and anchovies. I made a lighter version by using half mayo half curd cheese and I did not butter my bread. Still tasted grand!



Perfect fingerfood for the car ride into the mountains.




Cold Soups

It is really hot at the moment and I thought about having bottled vegetable juice for dinner today. Solid foods are still a bit of a problem because of my tooth issue.

But I wanted to cook something today and rembered a very tasty Yoghurt Gazpacho recipe by Betty Bossi. Simply blend 1/2 clove of garlic, a small onion, a (small or large) piece of chili pepper and 3 large skinned tomatoes with 2 dl broth (I used beef). I briefly boiled the tomatoes in the broth and the skin fell off almost on its own.




I seasoned it with salt, pepper and some Worcestershire Sauce and put it in the freezer for a bit (I was hungry and the fridge wouldn’t have cooled it down fast enough).

Just before serving I added a tablespoon of yoghurt and topped the soup with a little mushroom and broccoli garnish.

It tasted great but a bit too hot for my taste so I will go easier on the chili next time.
I was still hungry after this and decided to experiment a little. And I am very glad I did! I blended half a cucumber with two handful of fresh boiled spinach, 2 dl beef broth, the juice of half a lime and a chunk (a cube of about 1cm) of fresh ginger.



I seasoned it with salt, pepper, a little splash of sesame oil and rice vinegar. This too I packed away in the freezer for a short bit.

I also mixed it with a tablespoon of yoghurt before serving it.

I LOVED it and actually preferred this cold spinach & cucumber soup to the Gazpacho.

Prawns on cucumber

I had lunch and cake at my grandparent’s place today. This inevitably means that I had to cook a very light dinner.
I went for a fish recipe I cut out of a German magazine called “Welt der Frau” which means “Women’s World”. It is an awful magazine that I come by through my grandmother or aunt.
The recipe is for oven baked salmon in a lime, chili and cognac sauce. Instead of salmon I used prawns. The recipe is very simple: marinate the prawns in lime juice, sesame oil, chili powder, pepper and salt and leave them in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Put the prawns and marinade in tin foil making a little parcel. Then put some diced deseeded cucumber on top and add a little cognac to the parcel.


Now I baked/steamed it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 150 degrees. You have to check on the prawns repeatedly to prevent them from overcooking. Mine turned out very well indeed and the cucumber turned out to be the surprise hit. It was still crunchy but hot and added a really fresh summery taste.


Sorrel Salad

Together with the wild garlic I also bought a bunch of sorrel at the market in Freiburg. I have never eaten sorrel before but always wanted to try it. The guy at the market stall gave me the following recipe for sorrel salad.
Dice 1 red pepper and half a cucumber.


Then add feta cheese. I bought ready diced feta cheese because the cubes are tiny and look very pretty.

Then cut the sorrel leaves into stripes and add them to your salad.


Drizzle with olive oil and a little vinegar (only a little as the sorrel adds a fairly sour taste already) and season with salt and pepper.

I liked it although the sorrel didn’t really add that strong of a flavour. My boyfriend said next time I might just as well cut some gras from the lawn and add it to the salad. The philistine!

Yoga Monday

I briefly thought about doing a juice detox. Biotta Juice Week is a very popular juice fast in Switzerland. I also own a book called The Holford 9 day liver detox. The only problem with these programs is that I could murder and kill anything near me two days into a fast. Also, it would make for a series of very whiny blogposts. I’ve been going to yoga classes on Mondays for a couple of weeks now. Thus, I thought I’d make Monday my juicy day of the week and stick to healthy liquids for breakfast.
This morning I opted for a celery, cucumber apple juice with Twinings Cleanse Tea. I don’t have a juicer so I blended the veggies and fruit with the tea.




A lovely mix of green colours:


It tastes okay. I am off to my yoga class now and I am already looking forward to lunch!

Under water

It is FREEZING in Switzerland at the moment. Currently we are at minus 14 degrees Celsius! So you’d expect me to cook something hearty and rich such as a hot pot or stew. Nope. I felt like cooking and eating something fresh and light today and adapted a recipe for scallop and avocado tartar from the Swiss cooking magazine Saisonküche.

I did not have scallops at home and replaced them with prawns. What else do you need?

Avocado (about half), ginger (as little or much as you like) chili (same here),1-2 peppermint leaves (well, the recipe says coriander but I find coriander a tad boring) and half a cucumber. Dice all of these into small cubes and mix with some good quality oil. The recipe says olive oil but I used walnut oil and I imagine sesame oil would be perfect. Add a splash of lime juice. I also added some of my lavender vinegar which gave it an extra twist. Finish off by seasoning it with salt and pepper.

I served it with bread and wakame salad (ready bought). It tasted fresh, tasty and lovely even though it’s not your typical winter dish.

Juicy Haiku

Today’s recipe is short and juicy. After pork filet and coca-cola chocolate cake I had to downsize caloriewise. Good thing I found another kitchen gadget that has been in my kitchen for at least a year without having ever been used. A small mixer for mixing smoothies. It is from Betty Bossi. I know I mention BB a lot but it’s not because they pay me it’s because I am very susceptible to their advertising. They have some great kitchen gadgets (like this one) and others that proved to be completely useless (cone shaped metal wires to make cones with puff pastry for example).  Today’s recipe is in the booklet that comes with the mixer. You need 1 apple, 100g cucumber, 1dl water. For a little more sweetness and smoothieness I added half a banana.

In Haiku you could say:

Half a banana
Apple and some cucumber
Strawberries wish it were summer!



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