The Monkey Gland

Today was again a day for a drink. Because I had 2 kilos of fresh oranges cramping my tiny kitchen I chose to make some Monkey Glands. The Monkey Gland is an age old recipe invented in the 1920s in Harry’s Bar in Paris. At least that’s what Wikipedia says. It is made of 1 part gin, 1 part orange juice and a dash of grenadine and absinthe each. It allegedly is named after a surgical technique of grafting monkey testicle tissue into humans (?). Sounds grose, but the drink is lovely and refrrshing.





High & Wilde

Any recipe starting off with an Oscar Wilde quote must by definition be brilliant!
“Work is the curse of the drinking classes” Wilde is quoted in Olive, a
food magazine (issue January 2012). It contains a recipe for a drink called High & Wilde.

You start off by soaking a sugar cube in absinthe and dropping it in a champagne flute. I used 77.7 promille absinthe I once bought in Germany. If you drink it on its own it will melt your windpipe!


At this point you should add 10ml crème de pêche. I did not have any and added some lemon sirup.

Top up with prosecco and you are ready to go.

The drink tastes nice and with every sip it gets a bit more absinthy….and so do you. So drink responsibly and try not to cut your ear off!

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