Raincheck – an evening with Dylan Moran

No time for cooking today. I enjoyed a couple of Cool Hendrick’s and an evening with Dylan Moran. He’s on tour with his program called Yeah Yeah. He was hilarious!



Liquid Diet Sick Leave

I am afraid, I’have to claim
a sick leave. I have a bad tooth infection and am currently only able to eat through a straw… I hope I’ll be back to form soon.
Oh, and the day before yesterday I made raita and yesterday guacamole. Soft, gooey stuff… I’ll post pics and the recipes once the painkillers are doing their job (don’t hold your breath…).

Musical Raincheck

I am shaking it with Bastian Baker!



I was busy giving a 2-hour talk on social media and law this evening. When I got home I was exhausted and I couldn’t find a recipe I fancied cooking. Not even a drink!



No time for excuses or justifications. RAINCHECK!

Cake Pop Gallery

Today I posted my gallery of cake pops on mnamnam.com.
Tomorrow I’ll start a 7 day juice fast with Biotta Wellness Week, a well known Swiss juice fast kit (wedding coming up, not my own of course!).

I am a bit at a loss as to what to post in the coming week. Juice, juice & juice?

Coole Swan is a cool one

I don’t like Baileys or any of the other cream based liqueurs. I think they’re too sweet and the balance between cream, whiskey and chocolate never seems to be right. There is one exception and it comes in the shape of a cool swan!

20120526-230804.jpg Coole Swan is a dairy cream liqueur that was completely unknown to me until they commented on one of my Tweets. It has taken me ages to get my hands on a bottle as I could not find one single shop in Basel or Zurich that had it in stock. One shop in Basel (Ullrich) had not heard of Coole Swan before either but made some inquiries and got hold of a bottle for me.

I was invited to a birthday party this evening and didn’t have time to cook but when I got home I had to try a glass of the milky gold (the bottle cost me CHF 87.-, that’s EUR 72.- and in Ireland it apparently is available for EUR 24.-, funny math we have in Switzerland…).


I think I’ll enjoy another very chilled Coole Swan on this fine summer evening and maybe I’ll come up with a cool idea for a coole swanny recipe…


Great British Menu Raincheck

I missed 3 episodes of the Great British Menu. So today I am calling a raincheck and settle in front of the telly with a glass of white Zinfandel and a bowl of my kiwi ice cream.
See you tomorrow!


I was busy today teaching 2 classes on digital media and social media law. It was a fun and rewarding experience but left me too tired to want to cook anything this evening. I’ll save my strenghth for tomorrow when I will be making cake pops for the first time.

Life is like a box of chocolates

My brother spent a long weekend in Dublin and I told him to get me a) as many packets of Galaxy Minstrels as he can carry and b) something I can use for my food blog. I even specified that b) meant an unusual or typically Irish ingredient.
He forgot about the Minstrels altogether and for my blog brought me this:

I suspect he bought it 5 minutes before the gates closed…
But as Forrest Gump said: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Well, I’ll get chocolates with baileys, that much the box tells me.
I tried each variety and they all taste very nice. The Baileys in all of them, however, makes them all taste almost the same. If you like Baileys that’s not a bad thing.
My favourite was the Baileys Coffee Cup.


The various Baileys Domes (white chocolate, dark chocolate and caramel) also taste lovely.






The squares taste just as nice, although I could not really tell the difference between the Signature Square and the dark chocolate square except that the Signature Square has ‘Baileys’ written on it.




The fudge square made a nice change in texture and was less ‘saucy’ and more chewy.


My least favourite was the wrapped dark chocolate heart mint. The caramel and mint interfere with each other rather than complement each other.


Altogether a nice present for someone who loves Baileys. For anybody else it is likely to be too much of the same.

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