The Monkey Gland

Today was again a day for a drink. Because I had 2 kilos of fresh oranges cramping my tiny kitchen I chose to make some Monkey Glands. The Monkey Gland is an age old recipe invented in the 1920s in Harry’s Bar in Paris. At least that’s what Wikipedia says. It is made of 1 part gin, 1 part orange juice and a dash of grenadine and absinthe each. It allegedly is named after a surgical technique of grafting monkey testicle tissue into humans (?). Sounds grose, but the drink is lovely and refrrshing.





La Bicicletta

I tried to make up for failed posts today and made three things. The first was a drink that was known as a bicicletta (Italian for bicycle) in my heydays. Today they call it Aperol Spritz and it is very trendy or already on its way out? I don’t know and I don’t care. I keep calling it bicicletta and I like it!
The recipe is already in the picture: ice, Aperol & white wine. Use as much or as little Aperol as you like.



This recipe does not require a lot of text. Actually, this pictures shows all the ingredients even the ice cubes…

The rhubarb juice is delicious and the drink would have been even lovelier with fresh lemon or lime.


The Botanist

My obsession with gin continues and today I bought a bottle of The Botanist, the gin made on Islay by the Bruichladdich distillery.
I made a lavender G & T inspired by another food blog The Kitchn.
I mixed the juice of 1/2 lime with a generous dash of lavender sirup and 4cl gin, added ice cubes and topped it up with Tonic water.



Aaaah, wonderful!


Sunny Coco

I still owe my blog today’s recipe because of yesterday’s raincheck. It had to be another drink’s recipe because I had free Monin sirup samples delivered today.

I made up my own recipe and mixed myself a Sunny Coco. It contains:
– the juice of 1 lime
– 25 cl Monin coconut sirup
– 2 dl orange juice
– 4 cl lemon vodka
and if you like your drinks frozen as I do blend all the above with ice cubes.






Friday/Saturday I was away on an office trip in the beautiful Bernese Three Lake Region.




I did not cook anything for Recipes365 on these days but yesterday I made a drink with Marillen-Liqueur and Champagne. “Marillen” are a small variety of apricot and are delicious in dumplings and for marmalade.


The marillen work a treat in a liqueur, too, and I enjoyed my Apribubbly in the garden on the last sunny evening of this week.

Good thing I did, because this morning the garden looks like this:


Belmont Sherbet

I know it’s a bit cheap to post another drink’s recipe but it is well within the rules. And the drink’s delicious!
The recipe is from an Austrian website
They call it Belmont and use raspberry sirup. I used raspberry sorbet and therefore adjusted the name to Belmont Sherbet.
Blend 4cl cream, 4cl Gin, 1 teaspoon confectioners sugar and 2 tablespoons raspberry sorbet.

I didn’t have any fresh raspberries so I used redcurrants as a garnish and added a little blob of cream as well.


Tequila Sundown

I had planned to make bavarian plum dumplings today. But then my son came home from day care with head lice and I was busy dealing with that.
When the crisis was dealt with I did not have the nerve to make dumplings. I made myself a Tequila Sundown instead. Sundown because I substituted the grenadine sirup with blackcurrant sirup which gave it a darker colour.
In a long stemmed gIass I poured:
– the juice of half a lime,
– 3 cl Tequila, and
– 2 dl orange juice.
Then I put in ice cubes and poured blackcurrant sirup on top which sank to the bottom of the glass and started to colour the boozy orange juice.




A slurpy delight!


Every once in a while an It-drink hits the bars of Zurich. These days it is the Hugo. A drink made with elderberry cordial, fresh peppermint and bubbly.
I used Prosecco and enjoyed the Hugo after a lovely dinner on my parents’ balcony overlooking the river Rhine.



Midweek Bubble Feast

I got up very early today for a social media event and got back late from the office. This called for drinks recipes. Plural!
The first is an adaptation of a Martha Stewart recipe for a champagne drink she calls Starlight Royale and recommends for winter weddings. Weddings are not my thing but I liked the sound of the drink.
Instead of lime I used lemon and instead of grenadine I used lavender sirup.
Mix lemon juice, lavender sirup and gin in a glass and top it up with bubbly. That’s it. It is lovely! No need to include a winter wedding, though. The drink – which I call Lavish Royale – is perfect on its own!

Tonight one drink was not enough. The other recipe is from a website claiming to contain the 50 best champagne cocktails.
This drink is called Grownup Granita. It should be made with lemon sorbet. I could only get raspberry sorbet but that worked just as well. I poured some lemon juice in a glass, added a generous dollop of sorbet and lemon vodka. Mixed it all together and topped it up with prosecco.

Two delicious drinks for a midweek bubble feast!

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