RIGUGEGL is an acronym used to advertise raclette cheese in Switzerland. In English it would be “acronymized” as follows: RIGAGYIAGM Raclette is good and gets you into a good mood!
When serving raclette the traditional way you serve slices of plain raclette cheese with boiled potatoes and pickled spring onions and gerkins.


I experimented with my raclette today for Recipes365 and added different ingredients to it. On my first slice I put one dried tomato and fresh thyme.

It turned out to be my favourite.
The next was a combination of cheese with peppercorns and grapes.

That was okay albeit a tad too sweet and fruity for my liking.
The next concoction was a complete and inedible disaster: raclette cheese with salted capers. Yuk!


The broccoli cheese combo that followed was nice. No more no less.


I managed to eat one more and made a cheese, bacon and rosemary raclette.


Lovely, too. But the lesson I learnt from this experiment: Some things are not to be tampered with and the best way to eat raclette is the simple, traditional way. Good quality plain cheese, simple boiled potatoes and a good glass of white wine.



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