Salsify satisfy

This weekend I ate a lot of hotel and restaurant food and wanted to end my Sunday with a simple and light vegetable dish. I chose a veg I have never cooked myself before as main ingredient: salsify aka oyster plant.

I cooked them as instructed by the lady I bought them from; tricolore style with broccoli, parsley and cherry tomatoes.
First I had to wash and peel the salsify. This is best done with glove as the juice from the salsify is really sticky and leaves unsightly stains on your hands.

The salsify pieces are best kept in a bowl of water with a dash of lemons otherwise they turn brown.

I boiled the salsify in vegetable broth for 15 minutes then added the broccoli. Once they both were cooked (after a further 10 minutes) I strained the veg and put them back in the pot with the tomatoes and some lard.


Just before plating up I added a handful of chopped parsley and seasoned the veg with salt and pepper.

A tricolourific dish that would go well with a piece of meat or fish alike. And it is delicious on its own as well. Salsify satisfy!


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