The B.E.T.S. !

Two events prevented me from posting yesterday: Van Morrison’s new album & a wedding. I cooked, though. The B.E.T.S. Upon a request (yes, I happily take them) to cook and blog about a tomato sauce. So here it is: the Bestest Ever Tomato Sauce! I believe best results are achieved, when you combine as many different tomato products as possible. I always combine fresh tomatoes, tinned tomatoes and tomato purée. For this recipe I added sundried tomatoes to the list.
Also, I caramelized the tomato purée beforehand. This was described as your “secret weapon” in a bon appétit article.

Caramelizing tomato purée is easy, simply cook tomato purée in vegetable oil over medium heat until it turns a deep crimson colour. Take 1 part oil & 2 parts tomato purée. I cooked 6 tablespoons purée in 2 tablespoons olive oil.


For the sauce I started off with frying 1 onion and 1 carrot (both finely chopped). Then added 2 peppers, grilled and skinned and also finely diced.


Next I put in the flesh of 8 tomatoes (skinned and deseeded), 1 can of tinned chopped tomatoes, a handful of finely chopped sundried tomatoes and my caramelized tomato purée.


I seasoned the sauce with salt, pepper, dried oregano and balsamic vinegar (2 tablespoons) and let it bubble away for 15-20 minutes. Because I have a 2 year old at my table, I didn’t put any wine in the sauce but I am sure a combo of balsamic vinegar and red wine would also work a treat.





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