Pumpkin Risotto

Today’s recipe is from bestrecipes.com and is a pumpkin risotto. Again, I adapted it quite a bit and left out the spinach and feta cheese.
I started off by frying garlic (1 clove) and finely chopped ginger in oil. Then I added diced pumpkin, courgettes and button mushrooms.



In a separate pan I fried the onion (1/2 an onion finely chopped) and rice (1 cup for 3 persons) and added white wine (1 cup) and vegetable broth (also 1 cup) bit by bit until after about 30 minutes the risotto rice had the right consistency.

Just before plating up I added parmiggiano cheese to the risotto, mixed in the vegetables and sprinkled roasted pine nuts on top.


A simple and delicious dinner or lunch!


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