Suser Ice Cream

It is Suser season in Switzerland. Suser is new wine (red or white) still in fermentation, i.e. with only little alcohol (around 1.5%).
I really like the taste of it and bought 6 bottles. As I haven’t plugged in my ice cream maker in a while I thought Suser would also taste lovely frozen.
I have a recipe for Suser sorbet which I had to adapt because I did not have freshly bought eggs at home. The eggs are still fine but because the recipe asks for the use of raw egg whites, I did not want to risk anything. I replaced 1 egg white with 250g mascarpone. An excellent idea, as it turned out. The recipe is really simple. You need 5dl Suser, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 100g sugar which you bring to the boil to reduce to 4dl.


When the liquid has cooled down, mix in 250g mascarpone cheese (or whisked egg whites from
1 egg and 1 tablespoon sugar) and off it goes into the ice cream maker.



A deliciously sour, sweet and creamy ice cream.



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