Under pressure

I did not post anything Saturday and Sunday because I had other important things to attend to.
Today I had planned to bake a plum pie. But then a big parcel arrived this morning with my new pressure cooker. So I changed plans and made a curry beef stew instead using my new gadget.
I fried onions, beef cubes, curry spices and a generous dollop of tomato purée in some olive oil.

I then topped it up with beef broth just to the limit that marks the minimum amount to use the pressure lid.
I added diced potatoes and mini corncobs and secured the pressure lid.


I am a chicken and worried that the thing would blow up or combust. But I followed the instructions meticulously and all went well.

Once the steam lifted the curry beef stew looked and smelled lovely. I added a dollop of creme fraiche to the sauce and plated up. It tasted great. But – maybe it is my imagination because I like sloooooow cooked stews – the meat did not taste anything compared to a slow traditionally cooked stew. Something was just a little off. Its texture, its taste, I cannot pinpoint it.

The cooker came with a booklet full of recipes and I will certaunly give those a try. As for beef stew I think I will stick to the old slow style of cooking it.


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