Halloumi… Shmalloumi!

I think today was the first and last time I ate halloumi. I watched Come Dine With Me last week and one of the contestants grilled halloumi for her starter.
I chose a recipe for halloumi burgers from a cypriot tourism website (www.zypern.de) but tweaked it a little by stuffing the beef and halloumi into tomatoes.
I started off by ‘gutting’ the tomatoes.

For the burgers I soaked 100g bread cubes in one egg and half a cup of vegetable broth.

Next I added chopped parsley, basil, half an onion and one clove of garlic and mixed in 500g minced meat.

After mixing it thoroughly I seasoned it with salt and pepper and divided the meat mix into two parts. My boyfriend strictly prohibited me from messing with his burgers… So I added cubes of halloumi cheese only to my share of the meat.

Here are 3 burgers without

and one with halloumi.

And the stuffed tomatoes:

While the burgers fried in a pan, the tomatoes baked in the oven at 200C for about 25 minutes.
Both were very tasty but to be frank the halloumi added absolutely nothing to the dishes. I found it odd in texture (very chewy) and absolutely tasteless.





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