A first: artichokes

I think I’ve had fresh artichokes once in my life. When I saw some at my local supermarket yesterday it was an impulse buy.

I don’t know what to look for in artichokes and just bought two nice looking ones.
At home I turned to my Betty Bossi basic cooking cookbook that told me to cut off the stalks and top leaves.


Next I removed the fuzzy bit in the middle.

Then I was told to sprinkle lemon juice on top to prevent the flesh browning up.
Then I boiled the artichokes in salty water for about 45 minutes.

The lid on top is also as per instructions by Betty Bossi. To stop the artichokes from floating about.
I served them with a simple vinaigrette:


Lovely, albeit lots of work and waste for a little pleasure.

And somehow cooking artichokes made me very sleep as I dozed off watching Upsy Daisy with my son…
This morning a very darkish green water pot reminded me that I had fallen asleep before writing my blogpost and before doing the washing up.



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