Boozy Chocolaty Plums

I am sitting on a heap of plums because they were on sale and looked delicious!
I did not have time, however, for baking a cake or cupcakes but I remembered a recipe by my father’s aunt who used to bake them in tinfoil with Grand Marnier.
I used Irish Mist for my plums. First I split the plums in half, destoned them and put a sugar cube soaked in Irish Mist in the middle.


I added a piece of dark chocolate and half a walnut on top and wrapped the plums in tinfoil.


After 15 minutes in the oven at 160C the sugar and chocolate have melted and fused with the plum juice. Mouthwatering. For decorative purposes I sprayed some whipped cream from the can (eeew) on the plate. Pity I did not have any clotted cream!



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