Mozzarella in Carrozza

Today’s recipe is a calorie shocker: mozzarella in carozza. I’ve been planning to make it ever since I watched Nigella Lawson do it on her show. Naturally I used her recipe which you can find here.
Here is my assembly line:

Put the mozzarella on the toast:

Top it with the second piece of toast, dunk the ‘sandwich’ in milk, dredge it in flour and then dip it the egg wash seasoned with salt and pepper.

Instead of olive oil I fried it in butter.

I served it with tomato and cucumber salad.

The cheese was warm and gooey and the mozzarella in carrozza tasted great.
Luckily I ran 18.5 km this afternoon, albeit in 45 minutes and 57 seconds and having burnt 10’495 calories. Or at least so my new miCoach pacer told me. I chose to believe it!




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