The Beauty and the Beast

Today is another one of those notquiteaproperrecipe day. I planned to make a drink using my newest discovery, Hendricks gin. I love drinks with an aquired taste such as Guinness or Dr. Pepper. I, therefore, was very happy to have found a ‘recipe’ for a DB&G, a Dandelion Burdock & Gin.

You cannot buy DB in Swiss supermarkets but order it from or if you’re lucky there are a few cans available at the Orell Füssli English Bookshop in Zurich.
To mix your DB&G put some ice in a glass. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice (I am ashamed to admit I had to use juice from a plastic lemon…), 2 cl gin and as little or much DB as you like.


Not a very pretty sight but tasty nonetheless. If you like DB that is. Using a gin as refined and delicate as Hendricks’ frankly was a bit of a waste.
After drinking the DB&G I fancied a) another drink and b) something more appealing visually.
I concocted my own drink from watermelon (diced), white wine (1dl), mineral water (2dl) and my lilac vodka (2cl).



With the help of a little cornflower from my balcony I turned my delicious and refreshing watermelon cooler into a real beauty.



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