A plate full of odorifeousness!

As announced yesterday I had a cheese dinner today. If we had scented websites, you’d fall over backwards from the smell my cheese plate gives off.

In the middle you have a sheep’s milk brie. At 12 o’clock a hard cheese made with raw cow’s milk named “Nightwatchman”. At 3 o’clock a Buffalo Blue, i.e. a blue cheese made from buffalo milk. At 6 o’clock there’s a soft mouldy goat’s cheese. It is called “Geissbartli” which is Swissgerman for goatee. The cheese monger highly praised its ferocious pong, and rightly so! At 9 o’clock there’s a Jersey Blue made from raw Jersey cow’s milk.
All the cheeses are regional products from farms in the greater Zürich area.
I served the cheeses with bread, cherry tomatoes, salami, coppa and dry cured ham. And not to forget my three WWW-gelées: Irish Mist, Vin Santo and Bavarian Weissbier gelée. Also, today my order from britshop.ch arrived and I tried pickled walnuts for the first time. A wonderful cheesy feast!




The Weissbier gelée works best with the brie and the hard cheese while the Vin Santo and Irish Mist gelée work best with the blue cheeses. The walnuts were lovely, too, and complemented the pongy goat’s cheese perfectly.


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