W-W-W Gelée

Tomorrow I’ll have a cheese dinner with a variety of raw milk cheeses. To accompany the cheese I made three jellies or gelées today. I used the recipe that is on the packet of the gelatin (vegetarian variety).
First I made a Vin Santo gelée with 2.5 dl vin santo, 200g sugar and half a packet of the gelatin.


After letting it boil for 10 minutes it was ready.



I repeated the process with Irish Mist.


Next I made a bavarian Weissbier gelée. This recipe is from a German (surprise) book called “Marmalade & more” by Kay-Henner Menge. The principle was the same: I brought 5dl Weissbier, 350g sugar, juice of 1 lime and 1 packet of gelatin to the boil.


It foams like hell, so make sure you use a big enough pot! I had to learn the messy way.


I transferred the liquid to bigger pot and all was fine.
I had to remove quite a bit of foam to be able to fill the gelée into the jar.


My triumvirate of gelées is ready for tomorrow!

I tasted some of that Weissbier foam and it tasted delicious. Sweet and light with a mild beer taste. I’ll have to create a dessert with it!


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