Lime & Vodka Mustard

I have really started enjoying making preserves and sauce to stock my fridge with. Today I adapted a recipe from my Good Food from
Ireland cookbook. The recipe is for Irish Whiskey Mustard. Since I am left with a big bag of limes I turned it into a lime and vodka mustard.
I soaked 80g mustard seeds in 5ml vodka and the juice of two limes for the day.



When I got home from work, I put the soaked seeds in a blender, added pepper, salt, a dash of vinegar, some olive oil and blitzed it all together.



It turned out perfectly. Fairly hot but with a limey zing and a hint of alcohol. It will probably work best with a strong tasting piece of meat.

And when I go and buy a nice slice of beef I’ll have to remind myself to buy some nice labels for future jars. This just looks too amateurish!


3 thoughts on “Lime & Vodka Mustard

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