Coole Swan is a cool one

I don’t like Baileys or any of the other cream based liqueurs. I think they’re too sweet and the balance between cream, whiskey and chocolate never seems to be right. There is one exception and it comes in the shape of a cool swan!

20120526-230804.jpg Coole Swan is a dairy cream liqueur that was completely unknown to me until they commented on one of my Tweets. It has taken me ages to get my hands on a bottle as I could not find one single shop in Basel or Zurich that had it in stock. One shop in Basel (Ullrich) had not heard of Coole Swan before either but made some inquiries and got hold of a bottle for me.

I was invited to a birthday party this evening and didn’t have time to cook but when I got home I had to try a glass of the milky gold (the bottle cost me CHF 87.-, that’s EUR 72.- and in Ireland it apparently is available for EUR 24.-, funny math we have in Switzerland…).


I think I’ll enjoy another very chilled Coole Swan on this fine summer evening and maybe I’ll come up with a cool idea for a coole swanny recipe…



One thought on “Coole Swan is a cool one

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