Once in a blue moon

I love Van Morrison and I love the song Once in a Blue Moon. And it’s true, ‘once in a blue moon something good comes along’. In my case in the shape of a truly fantastic cookbook: Hand Made by Yvette van Boven. Her recipe for cinnamon buns was great and now I hope the one for duck ham turns out as great, too.
Just two weeks ago after watching Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo make Bresaola I told my boyfriend that I’d love to make my own ham as well. And along came Home Made with the recipe for duck ‘ham’.
Buying a duck breast turned out to be a bit of a chore in itself. My usual food source only sold Hungarian duck and the label did not contain any information as to the breeding/rearing method of the duck. I read somewhere that duck meat from Hungary often comes from animals that have been force fed for duck liver production. I definitely did not want to buy meat from a force fed duck. So I looked for a butcher shop to sell me an organically and ethically grown duck. I found one. Although all I can do is rely on the information provided by the butcher.
My duck breast ready, I filled salt in a dish.

I cut the fat of the duck in criss cross cuts and spread the rind of 1 orange on top.



I placed the duck in the dish with salt and added more salt on top until it was fully covered.


All that was left to do was put another dish with weights on top of the duck.

Now the duck will hopefully ‘hamify’ while sitting in the fridge for 2 days.


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