Lilac Liqueur

Tonight I’m off to Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. With Ewan McGregor (I wish). Not much time for cooking means pulling another quick and easy recipe out of the bag. Today it comes in pretty lilac.

I found a recipe for lilac liqueur on the Küchengötter website and luckily the lilac tree in my boyfriend’s parents garden was in full bloom.
I picked some of the flowers and picked the blossoms (beware, the plant is poisonous, so only use the blossoms) until I had 2-3 handful.


Put them in a container with 200g sugar, the juice of 1 lemon and 7dl vodka.





That’s all. I will be able to test the result in 4 weeks time. And if it turns out too perfumy to drink I’ll use it as cologne.


2 thoughts on “Lilac Liqueur

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