With a little help from the Doctor

I have been meaning to bake macarons for a while now. I even bought a macaron set with a special silicon baking sheet. BUT I still haven’t got a kitchen aid for blitzing the almonds finely enough to make macarons all by myself.
So today I turned to the doctor for a little (a lot of, actually) help. Dr.Oetker to be precise. They started selling a macaron mix to which you only need to add milk (the filling) and egg whites (the macarons). They promise confiseur quality. I highly doubt that promise and bought a packet of the mix to see whether the dear doctor can deliver!


I started off with the filling and added 1dl to the mix. You are supposed to stir and boil it for ten (!) minutes. I only cooked it for 4-5 because I was seriously worried that it would burn. 4-5 minutes proved to be enough.




For the macarons I whipped 2 egg whites until stiff, added 1 tablespoon of sugar and whisked until the mix was glossy.


Next I folded in the macaron mix and spooned it onto the baking sheet as instructed.




The macarons baked in the oven at 150C (NOT preheated) for 20 minutes and certainly looked the part! Not one had cracks or was too wonky shaped.

Assembling them was easy enough as well.


And they taste very nice, too. Maybe a bit too meringuey chrunchy for my taste. And the filling tasted a little artificial. My boyfriend loved them, though, and thought the promise ‘qualitĂ© confiseur’ was not without merit.

They certainly made me eager to try and make some from scratch myself. So show me the way to the next kitchen appliances shop!


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