Nastrovje Rhubarb revisited

On March 29th I drowned some rhubarb in vodka for my Nastrovje Rhubarb blog post.
Now, six weeks later I brought the rhubarb back to light from the darkest and coldest corner of my (tiny) kitchen.
What once looked like this:

Today looked like something that could easily sit on a shelf in an anatomy museum next to a chopped off hand in preservation fluid…

When I opened the jar a lovely smell of boozy sweet rhubarb ascended. I drained the liquid, threw away the rhubarb and bottled the rhubarb schnaps.



I tasted the bit that was left over and I am not sure how long the bottles will keep. It tastes fantastic!

Now I have to think of ways to use it in recipes or mixed drinks. I think I’ll try a Rhubagne (rhubarb & champagne, copyrighted and trademarked by me!) or a There’s the Rhub cocktail (still to be invented but the name has already been copyrighted and trademarked by me!).


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