Norwegian Meatballs

Well, if you like unusual tastes you may like my Norwegian Meatballs. I picked up the recipe from a tv programme about Norway. When I ran into Gjetost yesterday I had to have a piece. Gjetost not being a tall and handsome Morten Harketish Norwegian but a caramel cheese from said country made from goats cheese.
For the meatballs I mixed old dry bread presoaked in a milk and egg mix with minced meat and seasoned it with salt, pepper, cinnamon, ground coriander seeds and a tiny pinch of ground cloves.



I formed small meatballs and Fried them in a bit of olive oil.

I added 2dl water, consommé and about 50g grated Gjetost.




I left it to bubble away until the sauce thickened and seasoned it with black pepper.
I served my meatballs low carb style with green (Swiss) asparagus.



The sauce is quite strange and I don’t know how to describe it. It is like eating fresh goats cheese and a toffee at the same time. I liked it and my guess is that people who like liquorice, Guinness, and Marmite (me, me, and me) could have a taste for Gjetost as well.
Håper det smaker!


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