Michael’s Scottish Fondue

I broke the rules. I bought a cook book: Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain. I was instantly drawn to his fondue made with British cheese because for me as a Swiss my first reaction was ‘no way!’. But I love Stilton and Shropshire Blue so I thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt. Oliver suggests using Cheddar and Red Leicester. Instead of white wine you cook it with beer. To get a good quality cheese I headed to the Markthalle in the Viadukt in Zürich. The British Cheese Centre has a stall there. When I told the owner, Michael Fontana-Jones, about my plans he told me about his fondue recipe for which he uses Scottish cheese (I can’t remember its name, I kicked myself all evening for not remembering…) and a Scottish dark beer. He also recommended adding a splash of Whisky and dipping the bread in Whisky before dipping it in the cheese as we Swiss do with Kirsch. I decided to go with Michael’s instead of Jamie’s recipe and bought both the cheese and beer (Belhaven McCallums Stout).

20120419-204408.jpg The procedure is the same as with your regular Swiss fondue. Grate the cheese (with the rind, Michael instructed me).


20120419-204709.jpg For 400g of cheese, pour about 1dl of beer into your fondue pan. Add the cheese and slowly melt it.


20120419-204931.jpg I dissolved some cornflour in a splash of the beer and added it to the melting cheese with a generous splash of Whisky. I used the Machrie Moor I’d bought in Edinburgh last December.



20120419-205223.jpg It turned out perfectly! And dipping the bread in Whiskey before dunking it into the fondue is a great idea. The Whisky and melted cheese are a match made in heaven.


20120419-205755.jpg The only thing I would critize about this recipe: 200g cheese per person makes for a rather small portion (it is enough but you will definitely want more).

20120419-205943.jpg It is altogether – as my toddler would say – ‘mnamnam’.



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