I filled my hearts with gorgonzola

I have quite a few kitchen tools lying around that I bought ages ago but have never used all these years. One of them is a gadget for filling ravioli from – surprise surprise – Betty Bossi.

You can make heart shaped and square ravioli. I bought the pasta dough for the ravioli because I don’t have a pasta maker (yet). I chose a simple filling because with ravioli I think simple and pure tastes and ingredients work best. For my filling I mixed equal parts of ricotta and gorgonzola cheese.


I filled the bottom dough with the filling.

Brushed the edges with egg wash and put the second layer of dough on top.

With a rolling pin I worked the dough into the pasta shaper et voilà, great looking heart shaped ravioli.

I made some square shaped ravioli as well.


Then I put them in boiling water (salted) for a few minutes.

I served them with a simple herb sauce made from parsley, salad herb mix, butter and a little cream.
A simple lovely dish and I feel a bit silly for not having tried the ravioli maker before. It is an easy to use and effective gadget and I will certainly use it more often now.



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