Asparagus Soup

We all throw away too much food. I am no exception but I try to do reduce food wastage. Yesterday we ate white asparagus and I kept the trimmings and the water the asparagus were boiled in for today’s recipe: asparagus soup.

I boiled the trimmings, the leftover asparagus and potatoes in the asparagus stock and then blended the leftover asparagus and the potatoes with some of the stock leaving aside the trimmings.


I added a veggie stock cube (one of those new jelly cubes) and some crème fraiche.


Then I put the soup back in a pan and cooked it over medium heat for a few minutes.

I finished off with seasoning the soup with salt and pepper. I only had a spoonful to taste as I will not serve my soup until tomorrow. The first taste was lovely but I’ll keep you posted on the end result!

My update is simple: simply yumm!


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