Risotto NOT oven baked

Up until now I have always cooked risotto the traditional way, in a big pot on the stove. When I read Donna Hay’s recipe for oven baked risotto in her basic cooking cookbook I was curious to try it but at the same time doubted very much that it could work.
She uses 300g Arborio rice.

She then puts it an oven proof dish and adds 1l and 1.25dl chicken stock…

covers it with tin foil and puts in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

My suspicions were confirmed. After 40 minutes the rice was still hard and had absorbed hardly any of the liquid.
I put it in a pan and finished the risotto the traditional way.


I added roasted pine nuts, parmigiano and fresh spinach leaves.


Leaving aside the fact that the oven baking did not work, the risotto turned out really tasty.



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