Oh my lovely Ovaltine

My macaron kit arrived!

But I have no time for making macarons today or this weekend.
I had time for an equally sweet but much less sophisticated treat: chocolate crunchies. We always received these as Christmas treats from a friend of my grandmother. They are heaps of cornflakes coated in melted chocolate.
I love all the new Ovaltine products that are available and chose Ovaltine cornflakes instead of the plain ones. The crunchies turned out tad sweeter as usual but seriously yummy!

Melt 100g chocolate and 125g couverture. Both either milk or dark chocolate whatever you prefer.


Mix with approximately 200-250g cornflakes.

Spoon the mix into paper cups (big or small) and leave to dry.





2 thoughts on “Oh my lovely Ovaltine

  1. Yummmm! I remember these…. so good! Cannot wait to see what you get up to with the macaron set… Sprüngli better watch out 🙂
    Schön’s Wuchenänd, Nina

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