The Swiss national dish

No, not Fondue nor Raclette but Röschti is today’s recipe. You find it in every Swiss cookbook. Röschti is made from grated and panfried potatoes. There are lots of variations of it. Röschti with onions, with cheese, with bacon, with mushrooms, or all of these together.
I was making a plain Röschti today. So all I needed were 5-6 large potatoes. You can make Röschti with raw or boiled potatoes. I prefer the latter so I started off with peeling and boiling some potatoes.


Some people boil them first and peel them later. Peeling hot potatoes is messy and not much fun, that is why I do it the other way round. Tastewise I don’t think that it makes a difference.
When the potatoes were done I put them in cold water for a while to cool them down before grating them.


Next I melted some butter in a pan and put the potatoes in pressing them down a little for them to take on the shape of the pan.

The Röschti browned slowly on each side and I turned it over with a plate in order to preserve the shape. Do not stir the Röschti otherwise you won’t get a nice even crust.

It started off pale.

And turned more and more brown.



I served the Röschti with panfried eggs and salad. I made a lousy job of my egg.

But made up for it on my boyfriend’s plate.

Easy to make, tasty and a great side dish for all kinds of food.


3 thoughts on “The Swiss national dish

  1. Wow, I know my husband will love this as much as I would.

    I’d certainly like to try it with some bacon thrown in for good measure.

    May I ask how you got the potato grated so nicely?

    Was it the type of potato used?

    I can imagine trying to grate a potato turning into a mushy mess, how did you prevent that?

    Oh, I also completely agree with you on this potato peeling business, hot potatoes are…well…HOT!

    Thank you


    • Hi!
      It is lovely with bacon, so give it a try! What I forgot to mention that you season the grated potatoes with some salt (not too much) and pepper.
      As for the potatoes, in Switzerland you can buy potatoes that are specifically recoomended for Röschti. They are the same that are recommended for fries. In a British recipe they mention names such as Charlotte, Vivaldi or Desiree potatoes but I have never heard of those here. Don’t use potatoes that are good for mash or baked potatoes, they will turn mushy when you grate them.
      For the grating it is important that you only grate them coarsly so you need a grater with fairly big holes.
      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much, your info was very helpful.

        I wouldn’t say I am a potato expert but I have heard of these types in England so I will scout around.

        Thank you again for all of your help, I can’t wait to make it ^___^


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