Todays recipe is from a little book I brought back from my first tour of Ireland back in the late Eighties.

I always wanted to have a go at making candy, so this recipe for Yellowman came in handy (hey, that rhymes!).

I got the golden syrup at a local book store that sells British food.

Measuring it was a bit messy…

To the 1.5 cups of golden syrup I added the 250g brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of butter.

It slowly started boiling.

And bubbling…

When the caramel was ready (as soon as a drop hardens in cool water), I added the teaspoon of baking powder.


The mix turned foamy and pale and I poured it onto a greased slab. This turned out to be a rather messy job as well.

It solidifies pretty quickly but remains kind of rubbery. And fairly hot, so you should be careful not to start folding and pulling it too early. The hot mix will stick to your fingers and burn your skin (I learned the hard or rather hot way!).

After working it for a while, it turns a paler shade of yellow.

And finally into a lovely golden colour. I flattened it out on a tray with baking paper and left it to cool. I admit, the shape looks a bit sloppy.

When the caramel has turned rock hard, you break or hammer it into pieces. They taste sweet, caramelly and very nice. And they will make your dentist very very happy…



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