Vitamin Kick

I am visiting my parents this week. When I told them about this blog, my mom handed me the very first cook book I got as a child. The Unicef Children’s cook book. It includes recipes from all over the world and lovely illustrations. It is out of print, I think. When I browsed through it, happy childhood memories of me cooking for my family resurfaced.
I decided to make a childhood favourite of mine, a fruit platter that according to my Unicef cook book is typical for Uganda.

The recipe is easy. Just cut up exotic fruit and make a nice fruit salad. I bought one piece of passionfruit:

A papaya.

A mango:

A melon:

You are supposed to add a banana but my toddler got his hands on it before me….
Now mix it all together and you get a yummy exotic fruit salad. Add some whipped cream and you can serve it as dessert, add some yoghurt and you get a healthy breakfast.



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