Wildcard – A 6 course dinner with a view over Zurich

I like dining out in posh restaurants every once in a while. Yesterday evening I had a 6 course meal in one of the trendiest restaurants in Zurich at the moment, in Clouds. It is on the 35th floor of Switzerland’s highest building (126 metres), the Prime Tower.   

Now I had hoped that their menu is available online because when I look at the pictures of each course I cannot remember what exactly they were serving…. The bottle of Petite Arvine we drank with our first 3 courses is probably partially to blame for that.

First we were served oven dried foccaccia bread with several dips (garlic cream, olive oil, sea salt) and butter. 

Then we were served a Gruss aus der Küche, i.e. a greeting from the kitchen. If I remember correctly, it was some root vegetable foam (celery?) with Italian salami and some nice tasting garnish on top.

The first course (my absolute favourite) was a wood forrest salad with beetroot soup and foam. The salad was DIVINE! Bits of baby leaf salad, tiny mushrooms, pureed root vegetables, crunchy bits of vegetables. Simply great. The beetroot soup and foam complemented it nicely.

The second course was a langustine ravioli with a lemon foam. Lovely!

Next up was halibut on tiny beans and a brown sauce. This was my least favourite dish. I thought the beans and sauce were a tad too sweet and overpowered the fish.

The main course was filet of beef with a herb crust on a bed of Swiss chard  and a beef pot with a very light potato mash on top. The filet and the accompanying red wine / balsamico sauce were fantastic. The combination with the beef pot, however, does not work at all. The texture and tastes of the filet and the beef goulash are just too different. 

After a little break we were served the cheese dish. You can choose from a big cheese trolley and I went for Jersey Blue (I love it!), goats’ cheese and what turned out to be a very salty strong tasting Swiss hard cheese. It was served with fruit bread. Very nice indeed!

Up next was the dessert (my second favourite dish). It was tiny bits of variations of apple and rosemary infused baked and frozen delicacies. There was an apple sorbet, a rosemary infused crème brulée tart and lots of other mouthwatering pieces of dessert.

The menu was really lovely, even if a tad pricey at 150 Swiss Francs per head (without the drinks).  But all in all, it was worth it!


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