Liplickliq Ice Cream

Today’s recipe is work made for hire so to speak because a friend requested it. But I’ll reserve all rights and first use in the title (I’d be willing to sell it to Ben & Jerry’s… if the price is right!)

So what is today’s recipe? Vanilla ice cream with soft liquorice pieces. Or Lip Lickin’ Liquorice Ice Cream, short Liplickliq™© Ice Cream.

To start off the vanilla ice cream (recipe from my beloved ice cream maker booklet) add 1 vanilla stalk to 5 dl cream, bring to the boil and leave to cool and infuse.


Mix 2 eggs and 125g sugar and beat until fluffy. Add the cream vanilla mix (after removing the vanilla stalk) and stir well. Add the mix to the ice cream maker and let it work its magic.

In the meantime cut a handful of soft liquorice candy into small pieces. I used diamond shaped sugared liquorice candy from a candy shop in Basel (Bärentreff).


When the vanilla ice cream is done, add the liquorice, mix well and put the Liplickliq™© Ice Cream in the freezer.

Liplickinglicious! (also ™©).


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