Grison Meat Pie

Today’s recipe is for a meat pie from Chur, the capital of the largest Swiss canton.
The recipe is taken from the Betty Bossi magazine, issue 1/11.
It is simple but effective!
Start off with cutting two slices of old bread or one bread roll into cubes. Soak in 50ml of milk for 30 minutes.

Fry off 500g minced meat in a frying pan with some butter. Put it in a bowl. Sweat 100g diced bacon and 1 large onion in the pan and when finished add to the meat. Bring 1dl of cream with 50ml of red wine to the boil and reduce by a third. Season with salt, pepper and herbs. Add to the milk/bread mix and then add the meat/bacon mix.

Make a pie by lining a round pie dish with pastry, filling it and putting another sheet of pastry on top. Use leftover pastry to decorate and brush with some beaten egg.

Put in the oven for ca. 35 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius.

And finally, tuck in!



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