Under water

It is FREEZING in Switzerland at the moment. Currently we are at minus 14 degrees Celsius! So you’d expect me to cook something hearty and rich such as a hot pot or stew. Nope. I felt like cooking and eating something fresh and light today and adapted a recipe for scallop and avocado tartar from the Swiss cooking magazine Saisonküche.

I did not have scallops at home and replaced them with prawns. What else do you need?

Avocado (about half), ginger (as little or much as you like) chili (same here),1-2 peppermint leaves (well, the recipe says coriander but I find coriander a tad boring) and half a cucumber. Dice all of these into small cubes and mix with some good quality oil. The recipe says olive oil but I used walnut oil and I imagine sesame oil would be perfect. Add a splash of lime juice. I also added some of my lavender vinegar which gave it an extra twist. Finish off by seasoning it with salt and pepper.

I served it with bread and wakame salad (ready bought). It tasted fresh, tasty and lovely even though it’s not your typical winter dish.


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