Boozy Beef

Today I cooked beef with whisky and stilton. My mother gave me a copy of a magazine cutout with this recipe ages ago. Which magazine I don’t know.

You start with seasoning the sliced beef (500g of a good cut, I used entrecote) with salt and pepper and then briefly browning it in some butter. The you put the beef in an oven proof dish and in the oven at 70 degrees Celsius.

To make the sauce, sweat off 1 red onion in the butter that is left over from browning the meat. Add half a decilitre of whisky. I love peaty single malts so I added some of the Machrie Moor I brought back from Edinburgh last December.


Then add 2.5dl of stock (I used vegetable, the recipe says chicken or vegetable stock) and reduce by half. When reduced, add 1.5dl of cream and reduce a little more. Add 100g stilton and stir until it has dissolved completely.


Lastly, add the beef and serve with potatoes, noodles or spätzle (like I did).

This dish is very tasty but very rich. The stilton flavour is very strong and dominant, so you don’t taste much of the whisky. The recipe mentions mascarpone gorgonzola as an alternative to the stilton. But I think next time I will just reduce the amount of stilton by one third and add a touch more of the whisky. Can’t hurt…


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