My very own Swiss chocolate!

I spent this evening at a networking event organised by Women in Business. The talk was about Social Media and included guest speakers from the Swiss blogging company Blogwerk, the Swiss telecomunications provider Swisscom and the Swiss start up company My Swiss Chocolate.  The latter inspired me to finish my first month as a blogger not with cooking a recipe but with designing my own chocolate.  After all, I am the boss and entitled to tweak the rules a little.

We received a goody bag from WiB that included a sample of MySwissChocolate’s Valentine chocolate.

It is (and soon was…) a milk chocolate with macadamia nuts and dried rose leaves. Very nice.

The online shop of MySwissChocolate allows you to chose from three types of chocolate, white, milk and dark chocolate.

Next you can add various flavours such as caramel, banana, lavender, eucalyptus (?) and many more.  I don’t like flavoured chocolate so I skipped that part and went straight to the next step which allows you to add various ingredients such as nuts, spices, dried flower leaves, and/or dried fruit.

I designed three different chocolates:

1. Milk chocolate with dried kumquats (never ever tried before) and caramelized peanuts.
2. Dark chocolate with dried rasperries and caramelized hazelnuts.
3. White chocolate with dried apricots and aniseed.

They’ll be delivered by February 9 so I am not able to show you the results yet. But I will keep you posted!


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