Seeing red

Today I have 2 recipes for you and the overall theme happens to be RED: sweet red cabbage (a recipe by Jamie Oliver from Reveal) and red-onion-red-wine butter (from Betty Bossi). Both were served with red meat (beef entrecote).


For the sweet red cabbage start with caramelizing 1 apple (roughly chopped) and 1 red onion (finely diced).

When they are caramelized, add 1 small red cabbage (approx. 400g) and a generous splash of – if you’re following the recipe- balsamic vinegar. I replaced the balsamic vinegar with lavender vinegar and I strongly recommend that you try it as well. As it turned out, the soft lavender taste goes perfectly with the cabbage and apples!
Cook until the cabbage is soft and add water if necessary. Season with salt and pepper and you’re done.

For the butter, caramelize 2 small red onions (again finely chopped) in some butter with a tablespoon of sugar. Add 50ml red wine, bring to the boil and then cook until reduced by half.
Leave to cool and when cool, add 125g soft butter. It takes some muscle to get it from this:

To this:

The recipe tells you to roll the butter mix in clingfoil. I scooped it into small paper cups (for pralines) in order to be able to freeze (and defrost) portions more easily.

The cabbage tasted lovely and I was particularly pleased with my lavender vinegar experiment. Move over Jamie! The butter tasted soso and I don’t think it was worth the effort.


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