Brain Freeze

I had another busy day today and in no mood to really cook anything. I skipped breakfast, had a sandwich for lunch, cake at an afternoon birthday party and spaghetti with (home made) sauce from the freezer for dinner.

When I finally managed to get my toddler to bed at 10pm, all I wanted to do was listen to watch a recorded episode of Castle and then listen to the new Chris Isaak album.

Chris Isaak & his sounds always reminds me of my year in San Francisco & thinking about my year in San Francisco always brings back memories of good friends, great fun and many moments of brain freeze from frozen margaritas!

So here’s todays recipe: Sugar the rim of a glass.


Blend 1 part triple sec, 3 parts tequila and 1-2 parts Rose’s Lime Juice (I had to use lemon sirup and bottled lime juice) with ice cubes.


Enjoy (remember to drink responsibly yadayadayada)!

I’ll put my earphones back on & swoon with Chris…

(photo taken at his concert in Zurich some years ago).


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