Wild card No. 2 – Carnival season in the Black Forrest

I spent the weekend in St. Märgen, which is a small pictoresque village in the southern part of the Black Forrest. It is carnival season and today there was a carnival parade in the village with restaurants, food stalls and bakeries serving typical carnival fare. At these events I always feel like trying out a lot of different foods and so I decided to use today for my second wild card.

We started the day off by watching the villagers pull up a carnival tree in the centre of the village.

It was extremely windy and cold so we decided to pay the next restaurant a visit.

We chose a traditional German snack, a curry wurst.

And it actually tasted much nicer than it looks!

We also went to have a look at the sweets display at the bakers but did not buy any of these fried goodies (in consideration of my already expanding waistline…).

Then we went to see the parade. It is customary for the carnival groups to throw sweets at the spectators or stuff them with confetti. The groups wear wonderful crafty masks and costumes.

And drinking one schnapps or two is also part of the game.

And when you attend such a parade with a cute little toddler you’ll end up with a bag of sweets!

I am now certainly in the mood for my local carnival in Basel in a month and I will try to find some recipes for typical Basel carnival food such as flour soup!


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