Black is beautiful revisited

Yesterday I ate what was left of the Guinness ice cream and felt the need to restock the freezer with home made ice cream. But not with just any run of the mill ice cream but something as unusual and quirky as the Guinness one.  Luckily I came across a recipe that I had printed out a while ago when I was looking for a recipe for liquorice muffins. I couldn’t find a muffin recipe but adapted this ice cream recipe to make really nice and tasty muffins. Even people who said they hated liquorice liked it because it tasted more of caramel than liquorice.

I love liquorice, especially the salty ones that are common in Scandinavia. It is advised, however, not to eat too much of it as it apparently raises your heart rate and when consumed excessively (whatever that means) it can be toxic to the liver. I was indeed advised by my doctor not to eat liquorice during my pregnancy for its potentially damaging effect to the child’s health.

As much as I love liquorice, I have not used the ice cream recipe until now because I remember buying liquorice ice cream in Florence, Italy once and throwing it away because it tasted simply vile.  The recipe I am using today is from the website of Liquorice with a Twist, a UK based company that specializes in all things liquoricey. When I am in Basel I buy my liquorice at the BärenTreff. They sell over 10 different varieties, including salty and peppery liquorice. For this recipe I bought your run of the mill liquorice rolls. You need 150g that you dissolve in 300ml double cream and 250ml milk.

You have to be very patient because it takes ages for the liquorice to dissolve and frankly after what felt like hours I sieved the mixture and threw a few liquorice rolls away.

Whisk 4 egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of sugar to a fluffy mixture and slowly add the liquorice mix. Leave to cool and then off into the freezer or the ice cream maker.

And IF you like liquorice what you get is a very creamy lovely ice cream that tastes a bit like a mix between mokka and caramel with a liquoricey aftertaste. It is actually not unsimilar to the Guinness ice cream.

Whilst eating the ice cream I realized that dairy and liquorice go really well together as the milk/double cream softens the liquorice taste and brings out the caramel. It think it’s time someone introduced liquorice milk as an alternative to chocolate milk!


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