Juicy Haiku

Today’s recipe is short and juicy. After pork filet and coca-cola chocolate cake I had to downsize caloriewise. Good thing I found another kitchen gadget that has been in my kitchen for at least a year without having ever been used. A small mixer for mixing smoothies. It is from Betty Bossi. I know I mention BB a lot but it’s not because they pay me it’s because I am very susceptible to their advertising. They have some great kitchen gadgets (like this one) and others that proved to be completely useless (cone shaped metal wires to make cones with puff pastry for example).  Today’s recipe is in the booklet that comes with the mixer. You need 1 apple, 100g cucumber, 1dl water. For a little more sweetness and smoothieness I added half a banana.

In Haiku you could say:

Half a banana
Apple and some cucumber
Strawberries wish it were summer!




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