Wild card No. 1 – Sweet Basel

Well guess what! I am Queen for the day!

As one now is Queen one refers to oneself in the third person and allows oneself the first wild card. One is in one’s hometown Basel and has a craving for chocolate. So one packs up one’s personal shopping assistant/court jester and head off to the shops.

Basel is a bit smaller – and some say a lot more provincial – than Zurich. This may be the case but food wise Basel has a lot to offer and is home to a lot of great shops, bakeries and restaurants. When in Basel I am staying in the historical center close to the University (I have dropped the third person reference, too exhausting).

From there it is only a short walking distance to my favourite chocolate shop, the Xocolatl.

They have their own very special, sometimes unexpected and quirky chocolate. Today I bought a bar of milk chocolate with caramel and himalaya salt.


They also sell different products from chocolatiers from all over the world: I got a bar of dark chocoloate with basil and persian lime from Rococo

and some pralines with absinthe from Chocolat Douceurs des Fées.

If you are still hungry for more chocolate, I recommend that you take a stroll up the old part of town to another chocolate boutique, the Chocoloco or to Brändli at Barfüsserplatz.

They do a lovely dark chocolate with a whisky truffle filling. The whisky they use is Swiss whisky from the local beer brewery Unser Bier.

I end my shopping spree with an Earl Grey tea and cream slice at the posh (one is Queen after all, if only for a day) Confiserie Bachmann.

Now one heads home for an afternoon nap. And you can expect a very frugal recipe tomorrow with lots of water and vegetables…


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