Black is beautiful

Today’s recipe includes one of my favourite alcoholic drinks. Guinness. I lived and worked in Bray, Ireland once and learnt to love the taste of it (thank you Porterhouse). For a long time it was difficult to get Guinness on tap in Switzerland but now it is very common. The best Guinness on tap in Switzerland is served in Basel in McGuinness’s Irish Pub (and they are soon coming to Zurich and Berne). The owner apparently cools the beer pipelines (do you call it that?) and the pints he serves taste great.

Now Guinness is not only for drinking and I have used it for cooking before. For beef and Guinness stew or an orange and Guinness chocolate cake, for example. I am not sure that today’s recipe will produce an edible product, though. But then again I am always willing to try out foods that are unusual and different (although I will put off yesterday’s suggestion by a twitter friend to cook iguana…. indefinitely). So brace yourselves for GUINNESS ICE CREAM. I found the recipe on the Internet on March 27, 2007. I was heavily researching ice cream recipes then because – high on too many pints of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food – I asked my parents to buy me an ice cream maker for my birthday. And I have used it exactly twice since then.  So here goes my third attempt at making ice cream with this recipe, courtesy of the Boston Globe (it had to be from the US, in Ireland this recipe would probably be considered a sacrilege…): Guinness ice cream.

It takes some mixing and whisking.

Watching the ice cream maker work its magic….

And waiting for the deep freezer to do the rest.

And to my great surprise the ice cream tastes DIVINE! Vanilla, caramel and a hint of the rich deep slightly bitter flavour of the Guinness. I really urge you to try it yourself!




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